About Us

onnect4change (c4c) is a new partnership, formed in 2011, initially to oversee the provision of voluntary and community sector support services in Northumberland, from October 2011 to March 2014. 

is a partnership, not a new legal entity.  It brings together three Northumberland-based not for profit, charity and profit organisations – VoiCeS Northumberland, which is acting as the lead agency, Adapt North East and Social Regeneration Consultants (SRC). Collectively, the partnership has a breadth of experience working with the voluntary and community sector in Northumberland, regionally and nationally.
This website provides a broad range of regularly up-dated information and resources for the community and voluntary sector, including regular policy and practice updates and information about new opportunities for the sector. It also includes a web-based guide to community engagement, empowerment, and development, called Let’s Do It!, commissioned by Northumberland County Council.
We welcome feedback on any of the information we provide on the website, through Twitter, Facebook or our online Forum. You can also get in touch with us directly [here].